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Gaining Confidence

Far too often we forget that we are a child of God, and we allow our identity and self-worth to get swallowed up and defined by our relationships and roles, and by our unpredictable emotions instead. Each of us has many titles that help describe who we are—daughter, sister, wife, ex-wife, mother, friend, neighbor; we’re known by our profession, our hobbies, our likes and dislikes. All of these helps to describe different compartments of our lives—but none of them define our identity, only God can do that. Our identity is discovered through a growing relationship with the Lord. Since our emotions fluctuate from moment to moment, or sometimes day to day, we cannot depend on them to tell us the truth of who we are. Our identity and confidence are found by knowing who God is and who He says we are. We are His beloved creation—we are daughters of the Almighty King. That is the unchanging truth!

God wants you to know without a doubt that you are loved, you are forgiven and new, you belong, you matter, you are beautiful, you have purpose, you are strong, and you are His royal daughter. God wants you to build confidence based on your relationship with Him—not on what other people say about you, not what the devil whispers in your ear, and not even what you believe about yourself.

Knowing who we are in Christ gives our life unshakable confidence and we are better equipped to live with intentionality. The term “in Christ” refers to a person who has placed their faith in Jesus and accepted Him as their Savior. Being “in Christ” means that we are covered in His righteousness and wrapped in His love.

Psalm 71:5, "For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth."

To hear the full message listen to my podcast, "Gaining Confidence."


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