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Please enjoy these videos as additional resources to go along with the my Bible Studies. Begin each study with the video introduction, then follow up each of the lessons with the corresponding video teaching. 

I love the thought of being able to encourage and connect with you in this way.

Join me as I "pop in" to share some inspiration.

Welcome to "A Daughter of the King." Through this study you will come to understand your God-given identity.

An Introduction to "A Daughter of the King: Gaining Confidence as a Child of God"

Chapter One-You are Loved

Chapter Three-You Belong

Chapter Five-You are Beautiful

Chapter Seven-You are Strong

Chapter Two-You are Forgiven and New

Chapter Four-You Matter

Chapter Six-You Have Purpose

Chapter Eight-You are Royalty

Welcome to "Matthew: Your Kingdom Come." Through this study you will come to know and love Jesus even more.

An introduction to "Matthew: Your Kingdom Come"

Lesson One: The Newborn King

Lesson Three: Kingdom Teachings

Lesson 5: Responsibilities and Reactions

Lesson 7: He is the Christ

Lesson 9: Keep Watch

Lesson Two: The Kingdom at Hand

Lesson Four: Miraculous Proofs

Lesson 6: Parables and Purity

Lesson 8: A Royal Entrance

Lesson 10: He is Risen

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