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Step out on God's Word and believe. Walk in faith and walk on the surface of the water. Keep your eyes on the Savior and do the impossible—one foot at a time, inch by inch, or by leaps and bounds.

Faith trusts in the goodness of God and believes His Promises to us. Faith sees the possible even in seemingly impossible situations. Faith believes that God is bigger than any of our problems; it chooses to move forward, marching out of the confines of fear. Faith keeps its eyes on Jesus, follows His call, and steps out of the boat; faith is assured that Jesus will catch us if we fall. Faith moves mountains and throws them into the sea. Faith is delightfully contagious and grows like a mustard seed. It believes God’s Word over all the other voices we hear.

Faith does not toil and spin, worry and fret, stress out and react poorly, or lead to regret. Faith trusts God to meet all our needs and to clothe us properly and beautifully in garments of salvation and praise.

Faith is confident that the Lord is steadfast and trustworthy; faith is assured in the hope that His Promises bring. Faith calls us to be brave, and bold, and beautifully confident; faith reminds us to gentle and humble, and loving and kind.

Faith rests in the knowledge that above all else, we are God’s beloved child, and we have a heavenly inheritance in store.

Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

This is the Sea of Galilee, the place where Peter responded to the call of Jesus and stepped out of the boat and into the tumultuous waves.


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