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Having spent more than one brief moment on this planet we know that life can be quite hard, and we also know that our knees would buckle if we thought for one brief second that we had to confront it alone. Fortunately, our Lord gives us many promises regarding His love, mercy, grace, faithfulness, and strength. His promises to us are filled with great offerings of hope. Whatever challenges we face there’s a hope prescribed to meet that need—both now and forever. Jesus has given us two kinds of hope to satisfy our every necessity. He has gone before us, He walks beside us, He stands as our rear guard. He tells us to be both hopeful for the future and hope-filled for today—Hopeful for the future because His sacrifice has paved the way to a perfect eternity in Heaven with Him; hope-filled for today because He is with us every single step of every single day. The hope given to us by Jesus is meant to bolster our courage, strengthen our resolve, and build up our faith. Many things and people will let us down, but our hope in the Lord will never disappoint.

Psalm 31:24, “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”


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