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Survival Kit

Decades ago, fanny packs (little bags people strap around their waist) were all the rage. Although they went through an extended period of time when they were no longer considered fashionable, I've continued to wear mine every time I've gone hiking throughout the years. My fanny pack is black, and roomy enough to hold supplies for any need I may encounter while on the trails. If you peeked inside at the contents, you would most likely find a small tube of sunscreen for reapplication in time times of intense sunshine, used to keep me from getting burned; you would come across a pretty, pink, and very sharp pocket knife which could be used to cut myself free from potential danger. You would also find a small bottle of pepper spray, to be used in encounters with dangerous enemies of various sorts—snakes, mountain lions, and the human kind. There is always a water bottle included to keep me refreshed along my journey, and a granola bar in case I get hungry. Lastly, a cell phone is always tucked neatly inside, in case of emergency I can call out for help.

 I realize this is a strange comparison but just as my fanny pack holds my makeshift survival kit, The Bible--is my real survival kit, not just for the trails, but for everywhere the path of life takes me.

The Word of God shields me when it feels as if the heat is turned up, and I’m faced with daily stresses and pressures, or faced with trials and tribulations.

The Word of God is used to cut me free from the entanglements of sin, bitterness, worry, fear, hatred, anxiety, and more.

The Word of God strengthens me to fight off the enemy and the lies that satan feeds me, by teaching who God is, who I am, and what Truth is.

The Word of God refreshes my soul and invigorates me, so I can keep moving onward.

The Word of God nourishes and sustains me.

The Word of God directs me to my Savior, my Lifeline in times of emergency, and my companion for the journey.

The Word of God is my essential survival kit.

Matthew 4:4, "Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’"


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