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Our Shield

Most of our battles take place in our minds—we question God’s promises, and we forget our identity as a child of God; we give into our feelings and let insecurity take over and tear us down. Our situations and circumstances, words from others and whispers from Satan can all get in our heads and paralyze us with doubt, unless we take our thoughts captive and turn them over to God. He is the One who can shield our heads in the moment, day, week, or season of struggle. If we fill our hearts and minds with Scripture on a regular basis, God will remind us of truth and bring His Word to the surface at the exact instant we need it. He will help us fight off the lies that aim to entrap us by counteracting them with His holy truth. Remembering who God is and who He says we are is the best shield for our heads in any size skirmish or battle. By reading our Bible we know for a fact that God has already won the war.

Psalm 140:7, “Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle.”

Just like this head scarf helped shield my head by reflecting the heat of the hot desert sun, the Word of God and our identity as His child shields our minds by deflecting the lies of the enemy in the day of battle.


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