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Morning Glory

This morning I slipped into my chair to seize a moment of quiet solitude with the Lord.

From my vantage point I soaked in the great outdoors and observed the stillness of the atmosphere.

I noticed a coolness lingering weightlessly in the air.

The cobwebs glistened with sparkling dew.

Golden rays of sunshine cast shadows on the earth below.

Roses awakened to greet the day and spread their sweet perfumey aroma.

Lavender stalks reached tall and graceful toward the brightening sky.

Birds sand a cheery tune as they began to busily prepare for the day.

Lanky tree limbs stretched as if on tip toe to reach the sun’s cascade.

I watched with awestruck wonder as God’s creation, in all its glorious splendor, worshiped the Lord together, grateful for a new day.

Everything in my yard worshiped the Creator in the way that He had designed. I may not be a flower or a tree, or always smell like a rose, but I can worship God in the unique way that He has created me—my worship can still be a fragrant and pleasing aroma. I will sing aloud in song and thank Him with my breath. I will worship and praise the Lord with every last ounce of me.

Psalm 150:6, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.”


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