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More of You

Lord, The infinite expanse of the heavens and the unplumbed depths of the sea declare the vastness of Your glory, which is incomprehensible to me. Standing under the canopy of stars Your created, I feel incredibly small. Seated at the edge of the seashore I gaze out at the endless horizon pondering Your majesty and beauty, considering how You are the Creator of it all. My mind barely grasps the edges of the knowledge of Your greatness; my spirit scarcely catches the supernatural revelation of Your all-surpassing power. But from what I do know of You and what I have felt of Your Presence, I can say that I want more. To taste and glimpse Your glory leaves me to hunger and thirst for more of You. I long for more of Your love, Your peace, Your hope, Your joy. I long for your righteousness to dwell on this earth and be lived out in me. I long for Your Heavenly Kingdom to fill the earth. I long to see You Face-to-face, Your glory unobscured. I long for more of You, my Savior.

Psalm 61:4, “I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.”


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