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If I ever feel uncertain about God's goodness, I need only look back over the course of my life and there I will surely find evidence of His faithfulness, love, and grace dotted all throughout. There are endless proofs of His sheer goodness towards me and all humanity, countless markers of His workings and provision, and of His miraculous and merciful interventions. There is certifiable evidence to the goodness of God, of this I can personally testify.

God’s fingerprints are indelibly imprinted on my life, my heart, and my mind. He has continually pursued me and drawn my heart closer to His. He has guided me toward His ways of righteousness, and He has continued to redirect my feet back onto His path whenever I began to lose focus and wander away. He has blessed me beyond measure even when I didn’t deserve it. He has loved me when I have been unlovable. He has shown me new mercies when I would have given up on me. He has showered me with grace upon grace, calling me His new creation. He has protected me from harm and evil, under the shelter of His wings. He has lifted my spirits when they had fallen in despair. He has placed people throughout my life that have pointed me straight to Him. He has opened doors and closed doors according to His sovereign knowledge and perfect will for me.

These traces of God's Presence in my life reveal His immensely loving heart, His enduring faithfulness, His motives of pure goodness, and His vast capacity for mercy.

Psalm 23:6, “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

What evidence of God’s Presence do you see throughout your life?

These are the fingerprints of our younger son; like the fingerprints of God on my life, these little imprints have left their mark on my heart.


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