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Cookie Dough Comfort

I need Jesus every day, but occasionally I need some cookie dough too.

As young girl I often visited my grandparents, staying over for the weekend. My Grandma and I made chocolate chip cookies on almost every one of these occasions. I would sit on her teal blue stool and she would stand by my side, handing me the ingredients and overseeing my little hands stir. I know the recipe by heart and even though my Grandma has long since passed, I continue to make chocolate chip cookies often. There is not a day where making cookies does not fit the bill—rainy days feel cozier with the warm smell of vanilla and chocolate wafting through the air; sunny days feel even brighter with a bite of cookie dough melting on my tongue; sad days feel happy, and happy days feel even happier. I am not looking to food as my comfort per se, but to the memories that accompany the baking (and tasting) process. As I measure and scoop, and crack the egg, I pause and reflect on the past, present, and future. I remember my Grandma: the sound of her voice, the touch of her hands, and I thank God for blessing me with her and for these sweet memories I have. I think how much I miss her, and how I wish she were still here. I also grab hold of God’s promises and know that I will see her beautiful face in Heaven on some glorious future day.

I always need Jesus, but somedays I also need a spoonful of reminiscent cookie dough.

Jesus is my Rock, my Peace, my Hope, my Joy, my Salvation. He is my True Source of comfort and love. He is so good and kind that He puts people in His children’s lives to be a source of comfort and love too.

Psalm 119:76, “May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.”

Do you need Jesus and a bite of cookie dough today?


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