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Adventure Beckons 

Life is a beautiful adventure, no matter if the weather is warm or cold. Even when we’d rather stay indoors snuggled up by the fire, adventure is beckoning us to step outside and simply explore. The quiet stillness of winter stands in stark contrast to the vibrant summer months. It speaks to our hearts just the same—if only we would



Give it a chance.

We would hear leaves rustling in the wind.

We’d feel the chilly breeze brushing past our cheeks.

We’d see trees brown and barren, giving their weary limbs a rest.

We’d experience the childlike fun of snow crunching beneath our feet; and the wonder

Of forming angel’s wings as we lie down and give our arms a big sweep.

There is beauty to be found all around us—big and grand, small and humble.

Adventure is waiting in our own neighborhood and far across the globe. Adventure is all

about stepping out of our comfort zone to roam without an agenda. It can be found while

traversing a mountain, riding on the top level of an open-air bus, or making observations whilst sitting comfortably on your porch. Adventure brings about new discoveries and often takes our breath away.

We discover curiosities about nature, about ourselves and our abilities, and about others we may encounter along the way. Adventure expands our view of people and cultures, and it reveals a bit about our place in the world. Adventure brings us face-to-face with the God of creation—His hand is most evidently at work throughout the entire earth.

Adventure is delightful and awe-inspiring—truly a blessing we don’t want to miss out on. So, let’s embrace adventure and grab it while we can; the days may be shorter,

But the opportunities are endless.

Step outside your doors and let your adventure begin!

Psalm 65:8, "The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy."

My friend and I enjoyed traveling around Edinburgh, Scotland this day. I captured this cute picture of her while riding around town and taking in the sites from atop this double-decker bus. Although it was chilly, we chose to bundle up and sit outside. (We've been friends since 7th grade.)


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